Time Honored Tradition


3-447x350The time honored tradition of framing pictures dates back to the Egyptians. These skills have been handed down through time from artisan to artisan. I learned and was trained by a man who had been framing for 35 years. In addition to framing, he also taught me the art of preservation. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and have been refining my skills over the past 25 years. I take great pride in all that I do, and it is why I feel I have a well-founded knowledge of framing with a preservation background.

The best part is that it doesn’t cost you a penny to have all my knowledge and experience working for you. When you bring something in, I will show you all your options so that you can choose the best fit for you. It’s that simple.

So the next time you have something you want to display, whether it’s a family heirloom, or something new you just found, bring it to a professional. There is no commitment until you are comfortable with the procedure and the price.

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